Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN)

Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN) – A Leading Hispanic Marketing and Entertainment Company

Established in 2003 by Henry Cardenas, the Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN) is a leading Hispanic marketing and entertainment company with a mission to bridge brands and Hispanic consumers through unforgettable experiences. CMN successfully combines major brands, talent, concerts, events – all resonating deeply within the US’s essential Hispanic sectors- resulting in some of America’s most successful marketing campaigns. By delivering compelling content that speaks directly to Hispanics nationwide for over 14 years now; it’s no surprise why this influence continues as one of the nation’s largest and most respected names today!

CMN’s Services

CMN offers a wide range of services, including:

  1. Marketing Campaigns – By leveraging CMN’s unparalleled expertise in Hispanic culture and media, brands can create marketing strategies that truly resonate with their Hispanic consumers. Their campaigns are crafted to be culturally-relevant while also delivering the desired results.
  2. Talent Management – CMN curates a hand-picked team of accomplished Hispanic talent, which comprises musicians, actors and influencers. They specialize in providing booking services, scheduling assistance, as well as other aspects of managing their client’s projects.
  3. Event Production – CMN specializes in producing remarkable events, such as concerts and festivals. From planning logistics to marketing your event and selling tickets, they are fully equipped to oversee each aspect of the production process with skillful precision.
  4. Sponsorship and Partnership Activation – CMN’s expansive network of media partners and sponsors is the foundation for their reach to an audience that stretches far and wide. Through crafting partnerships with brands, they create programs that not only boost recognition but also encourage engagement between them and customers.

CMN’s Success Stories

By developing successful campaigns, concerts, and events that cater to Hispanic audiences, CMN has partnered with some of the most renowned brands and artists globally. Here’s a highlight of their greatest accomplishments:

  1. The Coca-Cola Latin Grammys – For the past decade, CMN has proudly served as the official marketing partner for the Latin Grammys. Together with Coca-Cola, they have crafted a diverse variety of promotions and events that honor Latin music and culture in all its glory.
  2. Jennifer Lopez – CMN has been collaborating with Jennifer Lopez for some of the most victorious marketing campaigns and concerts. Last year, they created her sensational “It’s My Party” tour that sold out arenas throughout the United States!
  3. Romeo Santos – Since 2012, CMN has been the driving force behind Latin music icon Romeo Santos’ career. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, he is now one of the top Latin pop stars in the world with a multitude of chart-topping albums and sold out concerts around the globe.

CMN’s Impact on Hispanic Marketing and Entertainment

CMN continues to be a major force in the Hispanic marketing and entertainment industries. By establishing an effective platform for Hispanic artists and brands to engage their target consumers, they have been able to increase recognition of this culture within our nation. Their successful promotional efforts through concerts, events, and campaigns has allowed them to contribute substantially towards developing a more vibrant Latinx network here in the U.S..


To sum up, the Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN) is a premier Hispanic marketing and entertainment powerhouse that has revolutionized this sphere. CMN seeks to generate unforgettable experiences by connecting brands with vibrant Latinx consumers – they’ve had great success partnering with enormous companies and performers around the globe in crafting profitable campaigns, live shows, as well as other events. Consequently, CMN have played an influential role in heightening awareness of Hispanic culture while strengthening its presence across America.









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