Elevator Pitch Writing Skills


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Elevator Pitch Writing Course Description:

This is a course designed to teach participants how to write an effective elevator pitch. This type of pitch will assist them when they have just a short amount of time, usually 30 seconds to 2 minutes, to capture the attention and interest of potential business partners, employers, employees, etc. They are also very useful for meetings where there are several people trying to talk at once during break periods or at social events where there is no formal agenda. The goal is that after this class each participant should walk away able to go into any setting and write an effective pitch based on their personal goals and objectives.

Elevator Pitch Writing Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn how to:

• Identify their personal goals and objectives

• Craft an elevator pitch that reflects their unique selling proposition

• Deliver their pitch with confidence and charisma

• Practice and receive feedback on their pitch

• Adapt their pitch as needed